Repost: “The DSA Has a Future Outside of the Socialist International”

This has been reposted from Elizabeth Mahoney’s blog on medium.  June 12, 2017. “In April, I and Neal Meyer, as representatives of the Democratic Socialists of America, attended the Acampamento Internacional de Juventudes em Luta(the International Encampment of Youth in Struggle) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Acampamento is organized by the MES (Left Socialist […]

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Write for New Weimar.

We have just launched and we are looking for folks to write contributions, or to lend their skills in other ways to support our mission statement. Democratic socialists from around the country, as well as allies from the US and around the world, are welcome to submit content. Our goal is to develop into a […]

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Our Mission Statement

In August of 2014, the DSA Left Caucus adopted a simple but powerful position paper, which points the way forward for building democratic socialism in America. New Weimar takes inspiration from this tendency, and will base itself around defending and advancing these perspectives and platforms, relating this genuine socialist perspective to history, current events, and new developments on the American left.

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